2019 Alms House Association Patron’s Award Shortlisted -Thackrah Close

2019 Alms House Association Awards  Winner of  Excellence and Inspiration -Thackrah Close

2018 Inside Housing Development Awards  Winner Best Inclusive Residential Development Thackrah Close

2017 RICS Awards  Highly Commended 142 Bermondsey Street

2016 British Homes - Sunday Times Award  Winner 142 Bermondsey Street

2015 RIBA London Regions Award - Shortlisted 142 Bermondsey Street

2012 RIBA Award  Winner Hill House,

2008 Stephen Lawrence Award Special Prize for Best Private House Glass and Timber Houses Dulwich

2008 Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Award Shortlist Glass and Timber Houses Dulwich

2008 RIBA Award  Winner Glass and Timber Houses Dulwich,

2008 British Home Awards Commendation Weller Street Apartments

2008 RICS Awards Nominee Weller Street Apartments

2004 RIBA Exhibition: Future House London Selected exhibitor

2003 RIBA Housing Design Awards Shortlisted Decima Street  SE1

2003 Living Etc Top Ten Interiors - Cheverton Road 

1998 RIBA Competition Runner Up Middlesex Womens and Childrens Hospital

1997 Interior Design Awards Shortlisted for Interior Designer of the Year - Cafe de Paris

1996 RIBA Competition Runner Up Gillingham Sunshine Community Centre